The Single All-in-one Device


  Strip, clean, cleave, splice, sleeve

  Operation time : 60 sec (incl. connector assembly, 0.9mm fiber)

  No crack with heating stripping, more than 3.5kgf

  No matter who or when, even a beginner can use easily

Integrated all-in-one design


  Ruggedizing designed to protect against shock, dust, rain

  Long battery life (320 cycles per charge)

  Dual sleeve heater

  Automatic thermal stripper

  Navigational touch screen with 4.3 color monitor

  Attached sleeve loader

  Compatible for SOC connector

Core Alignment by IPAS Technology


  Resistance to the Environment with Shock, Rain and Dust

  Powerful Battery - Large Capacity

  Automatic Execution of Discharge Calibration

  Smallest, Lightest & Fastest

  4.3 Color LCD Monitor with Touch Panel

  Bidirectional Operation System

  Attached Sleeve Loader

  Attached Night Light

  ROHS Compliant

 124.png             - F3










Typical Clad-to-clad alignment



ILSINTECH offers the whole range of fusion splicers product line-up, typical as well as innovative ones.



ILSINTECH also provides a differentiated service: Firmware version upgrade via internet, Built-in GPS, Super fast A/S so on



R5-a.png124.png              - R5











All-In-one type for ribbon fiber


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