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November 2016

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ServerLIFT - Live Demo and Special Offer

Special offer is introduced on our ServerLift units as end-of-year promotion.15% OFF is available on SL-350X (Manual) and SL-500X/SL-1000X (Powered) units. Click and respond through the below link and our sales representative shall schedule a Live Demo of the unit at your premises. HURRY...Offer valid for limited time only!

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     Schedule a Live Demo    View the Special Offer   Serverlift Specifications

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We are available at varied locations for easy reach

Server Technology - Overview

Basic, Metered, Smart, Switched PDUs and more!

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Did you Know!

Germany had so much renewable energy on May 8, 2016, that it had to pay citizens to use electricity. It was so windy and sunny that turbines and solar power sources were supercharged, output exceeded demand, and prices went negative!!!

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