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Sticklers™ light-weight, portable Fiber Optic cleaning tools that give you “go anywhere” cleaning including heavy-static environments and tight spaces. Use inside data centers, telco central offices, cable head-ends, broadcast centers and manufacturing pants. They are also ideal for FTTH (Fiber to the Home), FTTA (Fiber to the Antenna) and OSP (Outside Plant) construction zones where dust, rain and snow are common problems.

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Technical Furniture
Knürr is a recognized global leader for holistic workspace concepts with a unique ability to integrate customer’s complex technology in systems that achieve the highest level of functionality.
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LANDE is a manufacturer of 19” racks, cabinets and enclosures, accessories with the highest level of knowledge in Turkey. Lande was established by a team that leads the sector with its experience of 20 years.
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Tool Kits
JENSEN Tools + Supply is committed to providing the electronics industry with leading product lines and innovative solutions for the manufacturing, field service and repair professional.
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Rack PDU
PRO3X Switched C3W36RL 5.7kW – 8.6kW (18) C13 outlets & (18) Cx outlets Rack PDU.
Cable External Jellyfilled Screened Unarmored 100Pr 0.5mm
Telephone Cable with cellular polyethylene insulation, jelly filled with petroleum jelly and a polyethylene coating for use in the local distribution network.
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