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SOUTHWIRE, is positioned to assist in every phase of the job in building and operating a Data Center Facility. Offering a complete solution for your next data center project.

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Fiber Blowing Machines
Fremco is an innovative Danish company specializing in the development and production of fiber blowing machines of exquisite quality.
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Power Manholes & Railducts
Cubis is the global leader in the manufacture of access chamber and cable ducting systems. Cubis products are used in the rail, telecoms, roads and water.
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System Accesories
Tamlex is one of the leading British manufacturers of Steel Cable Management Systems incorporating Switch & Socket Boxes, Cable Trunking and Service Boxes.
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SWIFT KR7 for Ribbon Fiber
Swift KR7 is the advanced typical ribbon splicer that can proceed the maintenance via internet. And it can take user-friendly GUI for user convenience.
42U 19" DYNAMIC Dbl Glass Alu, Dbl 63% Per RD W800 D1000
DYNAmic series Networking Enclosures, provide maximum optimization resulted to an optimum performance in between quality and added value.
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