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Transform your data center with the most-trusted data center lift solution. ServerLIFT has built their business on the foundation of one single principle: to relocate equipment safely and efficiently. ServerLIFT makes the only data center server-handling tool that can be used by anyone to transport, position, install, or remove any server in data centers across the world.

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Cleaning Kit
MicroCare is based in Connecticut, USA. MicroCare was established to meet the demand for perfectly clean products in the electronics and the metal finishing industries.

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Fiberglass Rods
Volta Macchine S.r.l. manufactures and distributes technology products. The Company provides products for the laying of cables.

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STAKKAbox™ Fortress is manufactured in 150mm deep sections that stack on top of each other to reach the desired depth. Each ring section is castellated to positively interlock with the unit above and below.
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C14 IEC LOCK + Dual Locking Connector
Secure Locking Side and Bottom Tabs, C14 connector cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the outlet, European, USA, Canada and Australian approved Dual Locking C14 IEC Lock Connector that will lock most C13 outlets.
Mobile Wiring Systems Tool Kit for Boeing 787 Dreamliner
The Jensen JTC-12606 Mobile Wiring Systems Tool Kit contains the right tools technicians need to get the job done. This kit is the complete turnkey solution for the maintenance and repair of Boeing 787 wiring systems.
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