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ServerLIFT’s mission is to provide the safest and most effective tools and solutions for the physical handling of rack-mounted IT equipment. ServerLIFT has forever changed the way IT equipment is handled, in a way that data center experts want and need it to be done.

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Datacenter Monitoring
Ubecome provides the next-generation robot that guarantees security for your datacenters.

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Datacenter Cooling
Simplex Isolation Systems is one of the most prominent names in modular cleanrooms, softwall curtains, strip doors, separation and process isolation.
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Tactical Network
OPTOKON is a leading global organization providing connectivity and delivery of optical infrastructure solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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FO Mini Splicer Swift KF4 Kit
Swift KF4 is very versatile and super accurate active cladding alignment fusion splicer that satisfies every aspect of splicing requirement. With slim, yet rugged and extremely light, budget priced Swift KF4 assures users of convenient and stable process as well as high performance.
Fiber glass Rod
Fiber glass rod VOLTAKING ø15mm with Polypropylene outer coating comes spooled on a wheeled vertical galvanised steel cage with reel ø1500mm with starting/ ending M12 threaded ends and starting spinner with shackle.
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